Lolo Community Church Awana Grand Prix


Awana Grand Prix Cars can be bought on Dec 19th for $5.00 or 10 Awana shares.

Grand Prix Car Workshop – Saturday, February 9th 11am-3pm

Car Turn-In – Wednesday, February 20th 6:15-8:15 pm

Race Day – Saturday, February 23rd Check-in 9:00 am, Racing starts at 9:30 SHARP!


Some Important Rules

G-2. Essential Materials: All cars entered shall be constructed from the “Official Awana Grand Prix Car Kit” (referred to below as the kit). Kits will be available during Awana nights. Refer to the list of important dates for when kits will be available. This excludes cars entered in the Modified division.

G-9. Inspection and Registration: Clubbers must enter their own car and each car must pass a technical inspection before it may be registered and compete. (For exceptions: see G-7) Technical inspection and registration of cars must be completed on Car Registration night, which is the Wednesday Club night, February 20th. at 6:15-8:15 pm. prior to Race Day. Cars cannot be submitted for registration or inspection on Race Day Saturday. Each racer must submit his/her car during the race night registration period. During registration each car will be declared Design or Creativity and will be assessed for correct measurements (See G-10). Clubbers need to know how many hours they spent on car construction. The car will go into Impound at this time, and will not be able to be altered in way. Cars will be Impounded for judging until race day.

T-1. Materials: Race cars shall be constructed for this event from the parts contained in the Official Awana Grand Prix Kit (referred to below as the kit) as sold by Awana Clubs International. Wheels and axles from the kit may NOT be replaced. The original kit wood block needs to be used. You may add to the block but it must not exceed dimension requirements when finished. (See T-5) The Race Coordinator will have spare wheels and axles, if the ones from the kit are misplaced or get damaged.


Official AWANA Grand Prix Rules