Our Mission

What are we ultimately committed to at Lolo Community Church?
We are committed to Encountering God Together in Growth and Service.

What does that mean?
We believe that the God of the Bible can be encountered. As a result, we are committed to Lolo Community Church being a place where people can encounter God through worship, relationship, teaching and service.

We believe that God’s heart for the church is unity. As a result, we are committed to being a genuine community of God’s people who grow, serve, pray and care for each other.

We believe that people are created to have a walk with God. Part of that walk is growing in our spiritual maturity and our knowledge of God. Another part of that walk involves putting our faith into action by serving one another and our community. We are committed to being a place where God can grow people spiritually as well as give them avenues to serve Him.

Our Guiding Principles
As a church, we are guided by certain principles that we are committed to. They are:

1. To be Bible Dependent. We are committed to being biblical in all we do.
2. To be Unity Based. We are committed to living out the truths of the gospel in unity, always striving to live like Jesus.
3. To be Holy Spirit Led. We are committed to being open and submissive to the guidance and teaching of the Holy Spirit.
4. To be Prayer Empowered. We are committed to being a prayerful community.
5. To be Growth Focused. We are committed to growing together spiritually as disciples of Jesus Christ.
6. To be Community Burdened. We are committed to reaching out and ministering to our community.
7. To be World Oriented. We are committed to developing and modeling a heart for the wider vision of the gospel throughout the world.